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This box comes with 3 different dual extraction tinctures

Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, and Reishi

2 oz bottle

Take 3-4 drops daily sublingually


Turkey Tail Tincture Properties:

Boost the immune system

has been used in combination with chemo to improve the immune response

Helps with gut health, inflammation, heart health, and blood sugar control

Helps chronic fatigue syndrome and with a range of bacterial and viral infections


Reishi Tincture Properties:

Known as the mushroom of immortality

Supports immune function

Helps lower stress, depression, and fatigue

Helps with hormone balance


Anti cancer properties


Lions Mane Tincture Properties:

Protects against Dementia

Reduces stress and depression

Repairs nerve damage

Strong anti-inflamatory, antioxident, immune system boost

Tincture Box

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